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Czech Beer History
The Czechs pride themselves as the world’s largest per capita beer drinkers, followed by Germans and Austrians. Want to see how other countries are doing?

Czech hops are sought the world over as the finest, and the Czech brewing style is imitated around the world. Czechs love their beer and there are many sayings in everyday life that refer to beer: They call beer the “Liquid bread”. “Pivo dela pekna tela”, means that “Beer makes beautiful bodies” – a question remains if the saying refers to “beer goggles” or “beer bellies” “Kde se pivo vari, tam se dobre dari”, “Where beer is brewed, they have it good” sums it all up.

Beer is marketed by the % of malt content as an indication of strength and quality. The two most popular are “desitka” which is 10 degree beer (about 3% ABV) a “dvanactka” which is a 12 degree beer (about 4.5% ABV). A 12% beer then is going to be stronger than a 10% beer. The % figure has no bearing on the color and it is common to se to see 10% and 12% pale “svetle pivo” and also 10% and 12% dark “tmave pivo”. As the “desitka” and “dvanactka” are the two most popular, beers in the Czech Republic range from 6% up to 19%.

The taste of a Czech beer drinker is very conservative, and it is not unusual that a person is loyal to his brand from beginning to the end. The most popular style is a bottom-fermented lager. The highest consumption is in the style of Pilsner. Also popular, especially among women are dark lagers, as they tend to be usually mild and sweeter. There is an old wife’s tale, that a consumption of a dark beer will enhance breast growth. We let you decide if that is true or not.

And when do Czechs drink? Some have a beer with a hearty soup for breakfast. Beer usually accompanies everyday lunch. After work. With dinner. You name it…
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