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Czech Wines
Wine is another beverage that the Czechs are known for. In the times of the Holy Roman Empire, Emperor Charles IV., who loved a good bottle of wine, founded the first real Czech vineyard in Prague under the name Kralovske vinohrady (Royal Vineyards) it is still there today, but the main wine region moved to sunnier southern parts of the Czech Republic.

We are proud to represent wines from Vinne Sklepy Lechovice.

Our Muller Thurgau has been rated Highly Recommended with 89 points and earned a spot in "Top 10 in 2013 World Value Wine Challenge" in wines under $10.

Also our Blaufrankisch received the "Highly Recommended" rank.

Vinne Sklepy ( Vinne=Wine + Sklepy= Cellar) Lechovice is a quality wine producer in the area around Znojmo, a town in Southern Moravian part of the Czech Republic. They produce wines from grapes that they grow on their own vineyards, promoting quality of their products and sustainability of the whole wine production process.


The history of winemaking in Lechovice goes back hundreds of years. In 1723 the monks were given permission to start the excavation process for the wine cellars. After 114 years the cellars were successfully completed in 1837. You can visit these historical cellars today on a tour, they maintain a constant temperature of 12C ( 53F) which is an ideal temperature for aging high quality wines produced here.

Vinne Slepy Lechovice was established in 1993 after the fall of communism when the government owned and ran all the enterprises in the than Czechoslovakia. Vinne Sklepy Lechovice continues a long tradition of wine making in the Lechovice region. They work 230 ha (568 acres) of their own vineyards in the area of the little villages Borotice, Bozice, Lechovice and Oleksovice. The winery “Vinné sklepy Lechovice” is the biggest producer of wine from own vineyards in the Znojmo wine-growing sub-region; that allows production of quality wines that can be marked “Estate Grown and Bottled”. When you are in the area please stop by and visit the historical wine cellars and their restaurant, which provides accommodations as well, so you can enjoy your wine tasting without the worries of drinking and driving! Remember - there is zero tolerance for drinking and driving in the Czech Republic!

We import four different wines from Vinne Sklepy Lechovice into the United States.

pinot blaufrankisch st.laurant
Muller Thurgau
Straw color with ligh muscat and vanilla aroma. The taste is fresh, with bright stone fruit flavors; rich, yet crisp and lively on the palate and in the finish. Perfect to serve with fish, veal, turkey and soft cheeses. The Muller Thurgau has beautiful fruitiness and makes an excellent all-occasion drinking wine.
Pinot Blanc
Golden straw color
with some green tones.
Smooth, medium-bodied
with good fruit acidity.
Delicious with light
meals such as salads, poultry, chicken, veal,
roast pork, and

Is a dry, fruity wine of garnet red color. Blackberry and cherry aroma and a hint of liquorice on the nose
and on the palate. It is
a lighter drinking
red with a higher
acidity and some firm tannins. Compliments smoked cheeses, beef
steak, duck and spicy foods.
St. Laurant
Wine has a deep red color with a hint of purple. St. Laurant offers rounded textures and rich, ripe grapey flavors.
We recommend serving with hard cheese,
beef dishes as well
as venison or duck
and geese.